When is lemonade good for your health? When it’s Mellos lemonade.

The hallmark of the Mellos range is the unusual flavour combinations created by craftsmanship and imagination, spiced with a little courage. Plants and herbs are infused with local honey to bring out the finest tastes nature has to offer.

You won’t go back to fizzy syrup after trying them… we certainly haven’t.

People have known of the beneficial properties of herbs for centuries, from prehistoric hunter-gatherers who enriched their food with easily accessible herbs from the surrounding environment, to our grandmothers who knew the right herbal teas to help ease aches and pains.

However, you might want to experience the herb without having to reach for food or hot tea every time.

One option is to do your own fresh drink at home according to your own recipe. The other is to try handcrafted Mellos lemonades, which create original scent and flavour combinations using just pure herbs and the sweetness of local honey.

Some of these recipes could be mistaken for collisions rather than unions. Take, for example, Mellos Juniper and Chilli, which tends to raise eyebrows – before tasting. The mild bitterness of the juniper berries joins with fiery chilli to create a punchy but pleasant flavour reminiscent of a certain drink which also contains juniper berries, with the benefit (or not, depending on your viewpoint) of being non-alcoholic.

However, these taste meetings are not just about creating non-traditional tastes – the herbs also have many remarkable healing properties. Talking about this particular duo, juniper berries help with aching joints, palpitations and water retention, while chilli aids digestion, thins the blood and clears sinuses.

Every Mellos combination has been carefully crafted so that the herbs and fruits complement each other, whether in flavour or in health benefits.

  • Ginger and Lemon – the vitamin king
  • Mellos Natural Energy – brings invigorating herbs and fruits (such as guarana and ginseng) together with a pinch of Himalayan salt to give a boost of natural energy
  • Thyme & Mint – familiar herbs in an unfamiliar combination, packed with many health benefits and wrapped up in the sweetness of local honey