Butterfly Pea&Coriander Lemonade


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  • Mellos

This is the most exotic member of the Mellos family, a mix of Thai butterfly pea and coriander. Butterfly pea, a tropical plant from South Asia, is well-known for its anti-stress effects and also its positive impact on memory. Coriander, on the other hand, is loved and hated at the same time because of its very distinctive aroma and taste. Even coriander, however, has positive effects on the body, mainly as a digestive aid and in lowering cholesterol. A mixture of these two non-traditional herbs creates a pleasantly surprising beverage.

Made in SLOVAKIA   

NET WT. 330 ml     /

Best Before: 14.12.2020

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  • Filtered water
  • bees honey 10%
  • herbs 1% (butterfly pea flower, coriander seeds and other herbs)
  • CO2
  • acidity regulator: citric acid
  • antioxidant: vitamin C


Bangkok night

Take a wine glass and add some hot water, herbs and butterfly pea flowers. Wait a minute and the water will turn a beautiful blue colour. Add crushed ice and gin (we recommend dry gin) and mix together. Gently add the lemon juice and watch the colour of the drink change. Finish by adding Mellos lemonade to the fresh butterfly pea & coriander mix. Cheers!

  • Mellos butterfly pea & coriander
  •  OMG Gin
  •  fresh lemon juice
  •  flowers of butterfly pea
  •  crushed ice