Natural Energy Lemonade


Produced by:
  • Mellos

If you are looking for a source of energy for your brain and body, Mellos natural energy will kick you up. The combination of the best stimulating substances, such as Amazonian Guarana to increase concentration, Asian Ginseng which supports physical and mental vitality, or ginger-honey is known to supply you in the right energy wave.

Made in SLOVAKIA  

NET WT. 330ml

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  • Filtered water
  • bees honey 10%
  • herbs 0,9% (maté leaves, guarana, ginseng, ginger, and other herbs)
  • CO2
  • acidity regulator: citric acid
  • antioxidant: vitamin C


Orange heaven

Take a wine glass and add ice, vodka and Mellos natural energy to it. Mix them together and add fresh orange juice and a splash of Triple Sec. Decorate with a slice of orange. Cheers!

  •  Mellos natural energy
  •  vodka
  •  fresh orange juice
  •  Tripple sec
  •  slices of orange
  •  ice