Finest Argan

Founded in 2012, Finest Argan is a company committed to sourcing the highest quality Argan oil from southern Morocco. They visit their suppliers on a regular basis and vet the entire extraction process to guarantee purity, and only purchase oil from EcoCert certified extraction firms which ensures that high production standards are followed.

Having, as always, tested their products for ourselves, we are happy to present the best Argan oil producer on the market.

The Argan Tree

Argan is a unique endangered tree growing only in southern Morocco. Its roots can reach up to 100 meters underground and the tree itself doesn’t require much cultivation. It is often seen climbed by mountain goats attracted to its fruit.

Argan Oil

Oil is obtained from kernels of the Argan fruit. Local women collect the nuts from under the trees every season, then break them and sell the obtained almonds for extraction. This is a very laborious process and therefore the oil is expensive. Finest Argan’s suppliers buy the manually extracted kernels in bags and then use a mechanical screw press to produce the oil.

There are two types of Argan extract, cosmetic and culinary. Both are mechanically cold-pressed. The difference between the two is that the culinary version is obtained from slightly toasted almonds. This is done in order to enrich the flavour.

What makes the Finest Argan’s extract different from others on the market is its organic purity. Mainstream cosmetics contain Argan oil that is obtained using cheap chemical extraction methods. Some suppliers are tempted to dilute the product for profit. Finest Argan puts a lot of effort into ensuring that its customers (pharmacies and the like) receive only the finest, purest organic version of the product. Its suppliers only use mechanical extraction to produce high-quality cold-pressed oil.

Cosmetic Oil

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, Argan oil is instantly absorbed by the skin. It has a general healing and soothing effect. The extract protects the skin from UV radiation and also works great on nails and hair.

Culinary Oil

The culinary version of the oil has a rich and appetizing nutty flavour. It is great for salads, dips and desserts. The extract is also a good health supplement. Everyday use improves digestion, circulation and skin appearance.

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