Creamed Multifloral 950g


Produced by:
  • Pleva

When bees collect flower nectar they enrich it with their enzymes and let it mature into honey in the wax cells of their hive. This valuable substance derives from a wide variety of plants, and therefore many different pollen types, unlike mass-market honey where the pollen is typically strained out and the enzymes killed by heating. Flower honey is easily digestible and readily absorbed, making it a good energy food for active people. 

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100% natural | NOT processed | NOT heated | NO additives

Lickably smooth in texture, pure in composition.

Creamed Honey does not crystallise; in fact, it is already crystallised.
The crystallisation process is carefully controlled to form small crystals for a tastily smooth texture and it retains the same consistency throughout its shelf life.

Creamed Honey produced by slowly mixing RAW honey for a number of days at 14 °C.