Forest 470g Package


Forest honey is darker in color than other common types of honey. It is exceptionally high in minerals and nutrients– just one teaspoon can equal 2-4 teaspoons of other types of honey.

Along with its nutrient value, the higher price is a result of its scarcity – that the amount of honeydew produced in any given year is highly dependent on climatic variations.


Honeydew, which is the nectar-like substance bees collect to make this honey, is actually produced by insects, and more precisely, scale insects and aphids which feed on tree sap, their excretions being the nectar which is collected from the leaves by bees. Because the nectar is not gathered directly from plant sources in this case, the resulting honey does not contain pollen and so can be consumed by those with pollen allergies.


This Forest Honey comes mainly from leafy and mixed mountain forests in Donovaly and Spiš, Slovakia.

Package quantity:

5, 10, 15

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