Multifloral 900g


Multifloral honey is a natural concentrate of the nectar from plant blossoms, fruit trees and flowers, and because it therefore contains a wide variety of pollen grains, it has a higher content of important natural substances than other honey types, including plant hormones, essential oils and aromatic compounds. Additionally, owing to its high content of simple sugars – glucose and fructose – it is notably easy to digest.

The term ‘multifloral’ does not mean that it is made by mixing different types of honey (i.e. honey from different plant sources), but rather that it is not made from the nectar of one type of plant but rather a wide variety of plant nectars which the bees brought back to the hive. Therefore, it is not blended by humans but by the bees themselves.

This honey comes from the mountain regions, as well as valley meadows from all across Slovakia.

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