Organic Raw Linden Honey 500g


What are Organic Products?

Organic beekeeping means that human interference in the process is kept to a minimum, and the use of chemicals or non-organic inputs is prohibited – and this includes the plant sources from which the bees forage nectar. When a bee population becomes ill, antibiotics are not used and alternative treatments are preferred. The bees are kept in wooden hives treated with flaxseed varnish, and after extraction the honey is typically stored in barrels.

The bees are not prevented from swarming, unlike in large-scale commercial honey production, as this is their normal behaviour in the wild. However, the needs of the bees have to be balanced against those of the beekeepers, as the bees are fully reliant on their care.

Our organic honey comes from a farm in Dolní Křečany in the Czech republic.

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More about the Organic Farm

The farm is located in the protected areas of Lužické Hory and Labské Pískovce, which surround the national park Czech Switzerland (České Švýcarsko). In these unpolluted areas unaffected by industrial activity are three stable and 15 migrating bee populations.
In winter, the bees are relocated to stable places, where they are fed by a solution of honey and water. In spring, they are distributed among the migrating places, depending on where the best foraging grounds are. Due to the farm’s diversity and independence, they own over 30 hectares of ploughlands, where they plant low-maintenance plants, such as a natural variety of buckwheat, which is primarily used as feed for the bees. It allows the bees to produce a honey that is rich in nutrients and provides them with high-quality pollen.
After pollination, the buckwheat is sold to bakeries and as animal feed. The farm also owns 12 hectares of flower meadows and 30 hectares of forest and makes use of 1500 hectares of pastures from fellow eco-friendly farmers, where the bees forage occasionally.

Following harvesting, the honey runs through wide mesh sieves to separate only large pieces of wax. The honey is not filtered any further. The producers try to keep it as close to their natural state as possible. Then, honey is only poured into cans. It is never melted, as that could lead to its degradation. All honey is subject to the strict testing of the Inspection Body of KEZ (Inšpekčný orgán ekológie KEZ,o.p.s.), and only gets the organic certificate after perfect laboratory analysis in cca 700 residuals.

At the farm, the farmers try to be as close to the bees as possible. They adapt to the needs of the bees and move to areas with enough foraging grounds. While collecting honey, they always leave at least 20 kg of honey in the hive, so as not to limit the bees in their pollination efforts or cause distress and hunger.

This is the highest quality honey and it is the only farm in the Czech Republic to produce ORGANIC HONEY of such high quality.

Our thanks to Mr. Bc.Vojtěch Hájny, the “beemaster” at Farma-Dolní Křečany.


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