Acacia honey


  • Product of Czech Republic
  • Honey from the single source
  • Valuable dietetic food
  • Suitable as RAW food

It occurs in clutches in warm regions of Bohemia and southeastern Moravia. Acacia honey is transparent to yellowish in color with a slight green tint. Due to its very high fructose content, acacia honey has a distinctive sweet taste with a delicate aroma. The high fructose content of acacia honey causes a long liquid time – crystallization takes so long that you will probably eat it sooner.

However, the length of crystallization depends on whether there is enough acacia nectar in a given year, or whether the bees supplement it with a little nectar from other plants. Such honey then still tastes and smells like acacia, but it may turn milky and start to solidify a little earlier.



500g, 950g


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