Mouth Spray with Propolis


• contains antimicrobial substances
• refreshes and moisturizes the oral cavity
• removes bad breath during viral diseases and tonsillitis

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Refreshing and healing mouth spray

„Propolis plays an important role in a beehive because of its effect on the bacteria and fungi. Propolis makes bees strong and healthy. It contains effective antimicrobial substances and its healing effect is well known. The propolis extract in our spray helps against unpleasant feelings in the oral cavity during viral diseases and tonsillitis. It is also effective against bad breath. Using the spray a few times a day is enough.“

When should mouth spray be used?

We all know the uncomfortable sore throat we often feel in the flu season. In this case, try our mouth spray with propolis. It contains effective antimicrobial substances and can fight the first feeling of an emerging disease very effectively. The bees have been using propolis to protect the beehive from bacteria and fungi for millions of years!

You can easily put the mouth spray in your handbag or suitcase and comfortably refresh your breath during the day. Products with propolis are also recommended for minor inflammations or aphthae in the oral cavity.

What is propolis?

Propolis is a hard brown resin-like substance that is produced by bees as a disinfectant and a building material. Its base consists of tree resin, which is processed by the bees with the help of enzymes in their glands. In contrast to beeswax, this substance also has an antibacterial effect and is often used by bees to seal the small gaps in the beehive or to cover foreign objects as a protection against infections.


Aqua, Alcohol, Glycerin, Propolis extract


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