Propolis Drops with Dropper 28g


• contains antimicrobial substances
• natural raw material
• easy and fast use

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Magic in every drop

Propolis drops are recommended for toothache and for massage of gums. Diluted in water, tea or milk (10-30 drops into 100 ml – 3.5 Oz.), the tincture is suggested for disinfection of mouth and cleansing and regenerating of drained skin. When diluted, a slight white turbidity appears in the liquid.


Propolis drops can be used to treat a number of skin problems, especially fungus infections. You can also apply them to one spot only, for example to an aphtha.

Propolis drops or propolis tincture?

We receive often the following question: What is the difference between “propolis drops” and “propolis tincture”? Rest assured that it is exactly the same product.

Why two terms? The original name was “propolis tincture”. Then it was not allowed to use the word “tincture” for some time. We had to rename the product. But now it is legal again to use the name “tincture”! We simply use both names because some customers have been searching for “drops” and others for “tincture”.


Alcohol, Aqua, Propolis cera


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