King of Ginger Shots – Sea Buckthorn and Honey


Produced by:
  • Wolf Syrups
  • Boosts immune system
  • Against fatigue
  • Helps fighting cold 
  • Hand made 
  • Made exclusively from fresh fruit, not concentrates. 
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without preservatives / chemicals / artificial flavours 

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Contains: Pure Ginger juice (50%), Sea Buckthorn juice (30%), Pure Lemon Juice (15%), Slovak Honey (5%) directly form a single beekeeper. 

King of Ginger Shots is a combination of a 100% Ginger Juice, Sea Buckthorn juice, Slovak Honey and Lemon. Apart from the fact that it improves your immune system, it fights cold and tiredness. Ginger is ideal way that helps maintain your weight. 

Carefully pasteurized. Store at 25°C. Keep at 6°C and use within 3 days after opening. Shake well before use. Protect from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Sedimentation occurs naturally ( ginger starch dissolves in hot water. )

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100 ml, 200 ml


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