Using organic and sustainably grown bamboo, Slovakian company Curanatura creates toothbrushes in keeping with dental hygienists’ recommendations on functional and effective toothbrush design.

More than just a passing fad – a Curanatura toothbrush is a small but significant way to reduce waste in your household – unlike conventional plastic toothbrushes, it won’t still be around in 400 years.

What is Curanatura?

Curanatura is a Slovakian company that sells bamboo toothbrushes.

These are made of sustainably grown organic bamboo grown in a sustainable manner and designed in consultation with a dental hygienist in line with the guidelines of the Symposium on Oral Hygiene.

The company offers three types of toothbrushes. The handle of all three is of bamboo that has been carbonised at high temperature to give a smooth finish impermeable to water.

Curanatura HEALTH Soft bristles are made of nylon, one of the safest plastics for this purpose, and are 0,15mm thick, making this the equivalent of the ‘soft’ toothbrush you might be familiar with.

Curanatura BAMBOO bristles are created using bamboo fibre. The bristles are 0,13mm thick, making it an extra soft toothbrush, especially suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. It is also a good choice for customers who might object to using nylon bristles on ecological grounds.

Curanatura CARBON bristles are similar composition to BAMBOO bristles, except that they incorporate bamboo charcoal bristles and micro carbon particles. Bristle thickness is 0,15m. This is especially suitable for people who want a more natural option but are not in the habit of brushing gently…

Curanatura JUNIOR toothbrushes are ideal for children, featuring 0,13mm extra-soft bamboo bristles.

Every Curanatura toothbrush is packaged in a recycled paper box.

Also available are toothbrush stands (both for a standalone toothbrush and for a family pack) and toothbrush travel cases (adult size and child size). Additionally, Curanatura offers cotton buds with bamboo sticks instead of environmentally damaging plastic.

Curanatura’s product philosophy is to offer the healthiest possible toothbrushes both in terms of functionality and in terms of materials used, and at a sensible price. They were designed to be pleasant to use every day and to be a natural first choice next time.