Bamboo Toothbrush Soft Carbon


Produced by:
  • Curanatura

This NATURAL TOOTHBRUSH features soft natural bristles based on bamboo charcoal fibre that is a result of a special high-temperature bamboo treatment. Curanatura CARBON “charcoal bristles” are essentially a mix of ground bamboo powder and nylon 4, but the bamboo powder is treated at higher temperatures where carbonisation occurs, so the colour and properties of the bristles slightly differ. They contain micro-particles of active carbon that help naturally brighten the teeth and disinfect the oral cavity. The handle is made of high quality heat-tempered bamboo, grown in a sustainable manner. Extra soft, straight-trimmed bristles are designed for efficient cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums. Curanatura toothbrushes are designed in compliance with the standards set by the Global Symposium on Oral Hygiene. Being made of naturally renewable bamboo fibre, the entire toothbrush is biodegradable and phthalate and BPA free. Packaged in a recycled paper box.

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