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Infinuty nut butters contain no added salt, sugar, palm oil or preservatives.

Instead of roasting the nuts in oil, which is commonly done by most mass market manufacturers, Infinuty nuts are air roasted without oil. This not only ensures better quality in the end product but also reduces fat content, meaning that you benefit from the nutrients without processing getting in the way.

Simple and pure – just how we like it.

About Infinuty

A few friends sharing a fondness for sport, nature and good quality food wanted to spread the love wider and emphasise the importance of these values. This wish turned into InfiNuty.

The idea was to create high-quality products with many health benefits while still respecting the environment and supporting independent farmers.

Many large-scale producers of nut butters, and even some small-scale ones, want to keep costs down where they can, and they so source the cheapest nuts available. This means that sustainability suffers and small farmers are frozen out of the market.

However, Infinuty’s priority is to find the best, and this means going straight to the small producers, where quality is king and scarce resources must be preserved. This means more work, but it’s worth it – just a couple of years after starting up, the UK’s famous Great Taste Award conferred its seal of approval.

Mia’s Honey has now made it possible to bring you InfiNuty’s products and passion – you can truly taste the difference.

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