Waxopack is a food wrap, hand made by applying beeswax direct from Slovakian hives, along with resin and jojoba, to certified organic cotton. Wax wraps are a great alternative to disposable plastic film and aluminium foil – by using one you can cross these wasteful items off your shopping list.

The combination of natural ingredients – particularly organic cotton and beeswax, which is antibacterial and antifungal – allows food to breathe and therefore stay fresh for longer.

Food wrapped in Waxopack is food wrapped in nature. # wrappedinnature

The Waxopack way: in a world of machinery and mass production, to slow down and create every single product by hand, one at a time.

Having travelled through many beautiful but impoverished places in Slovakia and later around the world, the producers noticed a common theme – whether tourist ‘hotspots’ or not, it was almost impossible to avoid discarded packaging – bottles, wrappers, bags – almost all plastic. Wishing to help preserve these places they had come to love from further harm, they decided to create products that would combine handicraft with the best of nature.

The first prototypes were produced in the winter of 2017. When were shared with friends and family, their interest, support and help moved the project forward. Today the Waxopack family has grown to include other pairs of skilled hands, working to improve the product every day.

However, above all, the honeybee is a key part of the Waxopack family, and its small but vital contribution is helping contribute to a more beautiful world.