STEGO organic drinks

STEGO Organic lemonades

Contains up to 16% of juice from fresh fruit low fair-trade cane sugar content with organic & vegan certificate.

STEGO organic smoothies

Up to 50% of fresh pure with organic & vegan certificate unbeatable taste on the market. 

STEGO organic juices

STEGO organic fruit drinks will win you over with their unique content, special flavors and crazy design. Suitable for everyday use at any time, with the lowest possible sugar content and the highest fruit content. It will delight all the little dinosaurs and grown-ups will bring back to times of play and times without worries. Once you taste it and you will want another.

STEGO organic cordials

All our products are accompanied by fruit dinosaurs – whether as a brand avatar, during various activities or for relaxation. It is easy to remember, quickly distinguishable and we worked with a local illustrator, who gave them unique style.

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