World Health Day 2019

April 7th, was the World Health Day 2019. A reminder to keep improving the quality of our lives. So don’t forget to take your daily spoon of raw honey, sip mead, and … sow a meadow!

Did the last one catch you by surprise? That’s right. When improving our own lives, we shouldn’t forget about nature as even though most of us live our lives somewhat disconnected from the natural environment, it is an integral part of our well-being. And perhaps more importantly, our mere existence seems to be a grave threat to it in the last hundred years or so.

A blooming meadow is a basic natural habitat for many kinds of insects, including honey bees and for birds which dine upon the insect and so on and so forth all the way up the food chain. A blooming meadow is paramount for the cycle of life the way we know it. The cycle of life which vanished from our lives to make space for short-cut lawns.

If you are willing to help to make a change, please
read ALL-IRELAND POLLINATOR PLAN by Biodiversity Ireland and make your garden actually beautiful.









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